TEAMS-2 In-Service Professional Development Project

About In-Service Professional Development Project

School districts in Virginia are being offered the opportunity to apply for professional development on assessment, progress monitoring, and evidence-based literacy instruction of ELs with and without disabilities. Participants will have to apply as a school team of 3-5 educators. Research has shown that when a school team is trained together, there is a greater probability of effective implementation of educational practices as well as sustainability over time.
As a cohort of 20-25 participants, in-service educators will complete nine graduate credit hours during each school year, including one course in the summer.
  • SPED 601: English Language Learners and the Special Education Process
  • SPED 602: Principles of Language Learning and Assessment of English Language Learners
  • SPED 603: Language & Literacy Development for English Language Learners in Inclusive Settings