TEAMS-2 Pre-Service Project

About Pre-Service Project

The TEAMS-2 Pre-service Project redesigned ODU’s pre-service special education master’s program to include specific content on the assessment, identification, progress monitoring, and evidence-based literacy instruction of multilingual learners with disabilities. The four redesigned courses will consist of modules and assignments that focus on specific information to assess and teach multilingual learners with disabilities or those at risk for a disability related to language and literacy skills. The engagement of parents in supporting their students’ language and literacy development in their native language and in English will be included in the courses.
The major focus of the pre-service project is on multilingual learners with disabilities and how their needs differ from multilingual learners without disabilities and non-English learners with disabilities. The following existing courses are being redesigned and enriched to include content on the language and literacy skills development of multilingual/English learners with disabilities.
  • SPED 610: Characteristics of Students Accessing the General Curriculum
  • SPED 611: Instructional Strategies for Students Accessing the General Curriculum
  • SPED 626: Characteristics and Advanced Procedures: Learning Disabilities in Reading and Writing
  • SPED 720: Curriculum and Instruction: Research into Practice